The Department of Curriculum and Educational Technology is one of the departments in the Faculty of Education, Universitas Negeri Padang which organizes education to produce graduates as Educational Technology Developers. As educational technology developers graduates can analyze, design, develop, manage, implement and assess a variety of learning resources and learning programs adapted to the development of information and communication technology by upholding the character’s values that are religious, nationalist, integrity, independence, innovative, creative and responsible that can compete regionally and globally.

The profile of graduates of the Educational Technology Study Program is as follows: Graduates can increase competence in the field of educational technology and continue to higher levels of education both domestically and abroad, graduates who can demonstrate professional performance in the field of educational technology, Graduates who can develop their potential in the field of educational technology by developing an entrepreneurship ability. Graduates of the Department of Curriculum and Educational Technology spread throughout Indonesia by fielding various work skills related to Educational Technology. To record the existence of graduates, it is done through tracer study. The procedure for the implementation of graduate tracer study is done by filling in the data online.

As for the steps taken as follows:

  1. Alumni do user account registration through the following link:

  1. Alumni do login by using a PIN by the NIM owned during college and continue charging the questionnaire through the link provided. The links are available as follows:

Based on the results of the study tracer that has been done, obtained some data of graduates who continue to higher education levels, some are self-employed and occupy positions in several local government institutions as well as at the Ministry level. The results of tracer study data that has been conducted in 2020 can be seen through the following link:

That is the information about the tracer study department of curriculum and educational technology faculty of education, Universitas Negeri Padang.

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