Universitas Negeri Padang is led by Prof. Drs. Ganefri, M.Pd., Ph.D. assisted by several vice chancellors, namely the vice chancellor for academics, Dr. Refnaldi, S.Pd., M.Litt, vice chancellor for general and finance, Prof. Ir. Syahril, M.Sc, Ph.D., vice chancellor for student affairs Drs. Hendra Syarifuddin, M.Si, Ph.D, vice rector for cooperation and information systems Prof. Dr. Yasri, MS. The leadership of the faculty of education is led by Prof. Dr. Rusdinal, M.Pd. assisted by the deputy dean for academics Prof. Dr. Hadiyanto, M. Ed, deputy dean for finance Prof. Dr. Daharnis, M.Pd,. Kons, and vice dean for student affairs, Dr. Desyandri, S.Pd, M.Pd The educational technology study program is led by Dr. Abna Hidayati, M.Pd, accompanied by the department’s secretary, Dr. Ulfia Rahmi M.Pd, and assisted by the Head of Laboratory Meldi Ade Kurnia Yusri, S.T., M.Pd.T.. The head of the study program is in charge of several areas, namely quality assurance, curriculum team, journal team, student advisor. The head of labor oversees several units, namely the graphic design unit, radio unit, digital printing unit, multimedia unit, cinematography unit, and competency test unit.

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