Dr. Abna Hidayati, M. Pd

Welcome to the Department of Educational Technology and Curriculum of the Educational Technology Study Program. Educational Technology Study Program is a producer of educational technology developers who have the competence to design, develop, manage, evaluate and diffuse materials, media, curriculum and learning content that can be used in formal educational institutions and government and community agencies. This study program is growing rapidly and continues to improve the quality of learning by adding quality learning facilities and laboratories, increasing the capacity and quality of teaching staff and establishing cooperation with various parties. We believe that by joining the Education Technology Study Program you can improve your quality and become a professional Learning Technology developer. Educational Technology Study Program & is under the association of Indonesian education technology study program (APS TPI) and also joins the association for education and communication technology (AECT). The Education Technology Study Program continues to strive to improve the quality of graduates by reviewing the curriculum that is relevant to the needs of the community by continuing to have audiences with all interested parties and government agencies and the community. Having a Motto to be creative and innovative, the study program continues to provide students with quality learning experiences so that they are able to produce excellent graduates. Greetings Educational Technology.

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